Tommy Caldwell

A Network For Those Who Put Fitness First

Strength in Mind. Strength in Body. Strength in Numbers.

About Me

My name is Tommy Caldwell and I am the Founder of Hybrid Fitness and Totum Fitness Supply as well as the Author of Heavy Brain and the MetFlex-Rx Diet. I have been working inside the health and fitness industry as a coach, leader, and mentor for almost 20 years.

Why You Should Join Me

Content. Community. Conversations. Connection. Every week I will populate this group with high-value content, and users of the group will do the same. We can share ideas, have in-depth conversations, and connect with like-minded people in our local health, fitness, and recreation communities. Iron sharpens iron, and that's what the network is all about.


The high-level rules of the group are:
A- come to every interaction with good faith, and
B- assume the best in others

That's it. The sharing of ideas, debate, and getting to the best answer matters. But making ideas and conversations into ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated in this community.